the garden lifestyle

“I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.” -Robert Brault

My Uncle has a garden. It’s amazing.

Throughout my childhood, I would explore this little eden-like space; wide-eyed and breathless. Perhaps the classic children’s novel, The Secret Garden fuelled my interest and set my imagination on a high, never to be disappointed.

Now as a young adult – it’s a place that is simply refreshing, calming and unspoiled.

Sometimes, all you need; is everything you already have.

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rhythm approved: RIGHT NOW

who: Pop/R&B, Singer & Songwriter Angelique Sabrina

why: We need this sound, and I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, but yes… right now. It’s no secret, 90s culture is all the rage. From National Geographic channel specials, to the return of the infamous, too small to carry anything useful backpack (thanks to Izzy Azalea’s “fancy” ode to the Cher Horowitz) – the world clearly wants its nineties! Well, this single is oozing with all the grown-up, smooth and sincere sound of 90′s R&B. It’s a throwback to when the teen songstress was more introspective and really sang from the heart – but it was okay; because she was just sitting up in her room.


Photo Credit: NuWoman Magazine

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rhythm approved: ONE LITTLE RIVER

who: Pop/Folk, Singer & Songwriter Clare Bowditch

why: Beautiful find released last year, with lyrics that will speak to you. Recently, I’ve found so many treasures from 2013; so many great singles go undiscovered for years - they’re out there guys; I’m so happy to share some of them with you here. Enjoy!


Photo Credit:

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