NEW SINGLE: “Cowboy” by Alyssa Trahan

Multi-talented, country Singer and Songwriter (also, one of our lovely featured artists) Alyssa Trahan, has recently released a new single titled “Cowboy”. It has certainly got the catchy Taylor Swift-esque appeal; with the addition of passionate vocals and a message that encapsulates raw, traditional country fare with undeniable charm.

The official music video, produced by Optic Sky Productions and directed by Chantal Massuh – sees Alyssa falling for the handsome albeit slippery bad boy, who seems unable to settle down with just one lady. The message is clear and as the lyrics suggest: “save yourself, the heartbreak; if he finds you, run away.” As I’ve said before, Ms. Trahan is both professional and wise beyond her years.

I’ll leave you now, to enjoy the rhythm!

Stay connected with Alyssa here!

Photo Credit: Keepsake Photography

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rhythm approved: PENDULUM

who: Pop/R&B, Singer & Songwriter FKA Twigs

why: It’s never a bad thing, when a new single gives you a refreshing whiff of nostalgia. The voice, the rhythm, the lyrics – recall the days of that “red light special” R&B, that we remember fondly; albeit with a blush of ignorance, if we were too young at the time to listen to that music. This rebirth of the classic sound, comes with a special kick that’s on another level – quite possibly another planet. Unique, is the word of the day.


Photo Credit: The Winehouse Mag

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Did you #askpope?

When Elizabeth Pope, isn’t working on her career; she’s enjoying her family, friends and community. You see, our favourite musicians are really just like us.

Don’t you want to know more about the person behind the music? Of course you do!

On Twitter, Elizabeth is very engaged with her followers – if you want to know anything, all you need to do is #askpope!

Well, we did. We wanted to know 10 of the coolest facts about Elizabeth – the person. Here’s what we found…

1. I’m the youngest of six siblings, three older sisters and two older brothers.

2. I’ve gone white-water rafting.

3. I’m half Italian & Czechoslovakian.

4. I’ve auditioned for X-Factor USA, The Voice and America’s Got Talent.

5. My first instrument was an electronic keyboard.

6. I enjoy running as much as music.

7. My first song I wrote was called “Sufficient Emotions”.

8. I grew up with learning disabilities, but that doesn’t define who I am becoming.

9. I’ve never been to Europe (i.e. UK, Ireland).

10. My favorite place to write songs is while enjoying the outdoors.

By the way, Ms. Pope’s latest album – The Next Chapter is now available for order, on her website! Its official release date is August 15th, 2014.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Pope

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