B/W: Vogue Germany, January 2015

If you want to become a Style Icon, without trying too hard, or at the very least reading my how-to. Wear black and white — every time.

Some inspiration…





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NEW EP: “No Disclaimer” by Affiniti

I was recently invited to a private listen of emerging female R&B/Pop group, Affiniti‘s debut EP, No Disclaimer — which was officially released today. These girls have got talent! The tracks are mostly high energy, club beats to get you moving, with a few soulful songs to help you unwind. My personal favourites are the latter, which included, “Let’s Make” and “Let Go”. These tracks are reminiscent of that classic R&B; the sexy but classy kind.

Overall, the EP is better than good and with more attention given to lyrics and taking more risks with production, the future for Affiniti looks bright! Vocally they’re in the game. However, I would love to hear more singles like the aforementioned, because I believe this is where they really shine and may just be what sets them apart from the current, barely distinguishable, list of female groups.

You can follow Affiniti on Twitter, Instagram and like their Facebook page!

P/C: Vern Estes

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The Aura of Angela {10 facts}

Angela Elia is the kind of vocalist that immediately catches your attention. She has an incredible range and delivers every note with ease and emotion. As humble as she is, there’s no denying Angela is a star. Based in New York City, she performs live and is emerging as a ‘Artist to Watch’. Here at Rhythm & Ruffle, we’re definitely paying attention.

Don’t you want to know more about the person behind the music? Of course you do!

We wanted to know 10 of the coolest facts about Angela – the person.

Here’s what we found!

1. I wrote my first full song at age 11. But since I didn’t know how to read music or play piano, I drew circles, triangles, and squares on the keys of my crappy Casio keyboard to remember the chords I’d “invented” — #makeitwork.

2. I work for an organic skin care company, Om Aroma & Co. The products are out-of-this-world amazing and I love working for them.

3. My favorite time of day is 4AM.

4. I was in a punk band with my 3 best friends throughout high school and we were pretty killer.

5. My wardrobe is 90% black. I’m not sure how this happened, but I like it.

6. I used to be afraid of stars because they were too far away for me to feel comfortable about their existence.

7. I grew up (for my first few years) on a Caribbean island and I did NOT understand the concept of “wearing layers” or “winter” when we moved to the East Coast.

8. I am almost always mentally concocting a new theory about something existential and unsolvable.

9. I love Jack White’s work. Pretty much all of it.

10. I’m trained in (and love doing) Reiki. Ooooo magic! ;)

Angela will be performing live at LIC bar in New York City on December 10th, at 9PM. So if you’re in the area, you definitely want to attend. You can keep an eye out for her future shows on her website and Facebook page!

P/C: Angela Elia

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rhythm approved: AMELIA’S THEME


who: DJ/Producer/Remixer, Adam Snow (female vocalist, Lucy Rose on track)

why: I’m a sucker for phenomenal Producers, who find a stunning voice and together make magical music. I hope you’re comfortable, because you’re about to have the sweetest dream, when you press play.

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