Rhythm & Ruffle featured artist Ashley Xtina is on a roll; releasing one sweet song after another! “Streetcar” is her latest single and in true Ashley Xtina style, it’s pulsating with raw emotion and relatable lyrics.

A perfect listen while in transit. Enjoy!

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ruffle approved: SYLVIE MUS

This lovely lady exhibits true style inspiration, in the effortless way she balances both classy and edgy looks in a timeless manner. As a blogger focused on a variety of topics, including fashion, I’m hardly ever inspired style-wise; and as unbelievable as that may sound, it’s the truth. She inspires me.

who: Fashion Blogger & Model, Sylvie Mus

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TONI TALKS: the kardashians vs. the duggars

In the world of reality television, two families reign supreme: the Kardashians and the Duggars. Families, viewers just love to hate. Or hate to love? Well, perhaps in the case of the former. This is certainly evident, by the very different reactions to recent shocking revelations made by both families.

Regarding the Kardashians; in short, the former Bruce Jenner, the dad/step-dad, is now Caitlyn Jenner — because Bruce Jenner has always felt more like a woman and wants to be addressed as such. Beyond the name change, he or she, has undergone extreme plastic surgery to obtain a new body to go with the new name. The family, as always, supports their own. No surprise there, that’s what families do. The only surprise was how the citizens of the internet, overwhelmingly threw their support behind this new Caitlyn Jenner. Wiping away emoji tears, offering a digital shoulder to cry on, tweeting messages of love and in general, doing very BFF things.

Then we have the Duggar shocker. In short, Josh Duggar, the eldest son of the enormous family, who is now a 27 year-old married, father of three, almost four children; admitted to sexually assaulting several of his younger sisters, when he was 14 years-old. The family, as always, supports their own. No surprise there, that’s what families do. For the citizens of the internet; let’s just say, Christmas came early this year. Who needs enemies you actually know anymore?

The amount of hatred this family had thrown at them, on every Social media platform to ever exist, was surreal to witness. If you didn’t know the story, even if you did; you’d think he literally killed the closest person to every author behind the tweets, comments and memes made in his honour. Well, unless you saw it for what it really was.

Let’s go back to the Kardashians for a minute. This family is as liberal as they get. They live their lives by their own rules. They don’t censor any thought or action. $ makes their world go round and they make a lot of it. They welcome with open arms yuppie strays, LGBTs and only judge others with cameras rolling, behind the tinted, bulletproof glass of their custom-made, luxury SUVs. Each member of the family, has their own high-flying lifestyle; jet-setting around the globe in a day, almost every day, and still making it home by sunset to argue and then make up, around someone’s kitchen island. Overall, they really love each other.

The Kardashian family is basically a mirror image of the attitudes, values and guidelines of the majority of today’s world. They are a modern success story that is both celebrated and resented. Their fans love: their luxury lifestyle and family bond. Their haters hate: their overt sexuality, showiness and love of plastic surgery.

On the other hand, the Duggars are as conservative as they get. They live their lives by God’s word found in the Bible. The mother is soft-spoken and excited, the dad is laid back and unusually involved in every aspect of family life; but again this can be attributed to biblical teaching. The children are a long list, spread out over two decades. They have both a name and a number. They are kids stuck between two opposing worlds: the one they live in and the one they were born into. They are a perfect reflection of their mom and dad in attitude and attire. They are home-schooled, busy themselves with household chores and go on well planned family trips. Overall, they really love each other.

The Duggar family is basically the polar opposite of the attitudes, values and guidelines of the majority of today’s world. They are a modern nightmare, that is largely resented based on feelings rather than facts. Their fans love: their pleasant nature and family bond. Their haters hate: their Christian beliefs, conservative view and large number.

Such a funny world we live in.

Why do YOU think Josh got slammed harder than Caitlyn?   

P/C: People Magazine & TLC

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