HEY THERE! A quick chat with Elizabeth Pope…

Elizabeth Pope performing at “The Club Car Restaurant and Bar”, in Auburn, California on September 26th.

Hey Elizabeth, how have you been? Your career seems to be really blossoming! So many exciting things have been shared across your social media platforms.

I have been wonderful. My career is blossoming at the perfect time. There’s been a lot of activity behind the scenes, which I can’t share details on, but just know it is about to get even more exciting into the next few months and 2015. Yes, I have. Lots of compliments, messages, etc. I try to reply as often as I can, though it gets harder each day.

What has been the greatest highlight/s of your career, so far?

My greatest highlights of my career so far have been the support from family, my siblings, parents, relatives all over the USA, North America and Europe. I have received many congratulatory messages all over social media, email, responding to people’s tweets, comments on Instagram. A feature in my hometown paper The Auburn Journal. My close friends are all wonderful people and have been supportive since, well, I started playing music. Lastly, my management/talent manager on the East Coast has been incredibly supportive. They’ve allowed me a lot of time to develop as an artist in all areas — which includes songwriting.

Highlights from my EP ‘The Next Chapter’, which was released August 15th, 2014: it charted in the top 15-20, top 100 albums. That was all over the world. ‘Extinguished’ which is a personal song off the EP — three days after ‘The Next Chapter’ came out, it was no. 3 in the UK for new releases. [Additionally] I was offered a full VIP opportunity with Spotify. I [also] have my own Vevo Channel and will get that launched soon.

Have you had any bad moments? 

Yes, getting lost finding a gig in Sacramento, which is the state capitol of California. I ended up not playing it, but hey, ‘you live, you learn.’

As you continue to pursue your dreams, what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned along the way?

The greatest lesson that I have learned along the way is that in life, in anything you do, it takes hard work and perseverance and believing in yourself. In addition, having a huge support system throughout life to teach you those lessons. Looking back a bit; I am blessed to see the progress thus far. Former co-workers of mine, said earlier this month, ‘Elizabeth would you have thought you would be pursuing your music full-time as a career?’ I said, ‘Yes.’

What can your fans look forward to in the coming months?

Besides my [new] single due out 12/1/2014 titled ‘As I Watch’. Again, I can’t share too many details with what I am planning with it, but expect it to be an incredible track and follow-up to my EP ‘The Next Chapter.’ Going into the end of 2014 and into 2015, I will have additional performances around the USA and [will be] traveling to various cities, larger venues. That’s about all for now, yet, there may be a few additional surprises.

As always, its been great chatting with you Elizabeth!

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rhythm approved: ENCLOSED BY YOU

who: Gospel/Soul, musician Liz Vice

why: Powerful lyrics, stunning vocals and soul within a soul; consumed by love. The artist shines with absolute reverence for God; as the cool, contemporary rhythm, immediately takes over — and you get it.

Photo Credit: Christa Abraham via Flickr

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SugarBad is an emerging band with old school soul and new school cool. They recently released a jazzy new single: “Just Can’t Stop”. Their funky rhythm with a kick, will become your official Friday anthem at the end of a long week — as you let go and get lost in their world.

Listen to their latest single “Just Can’t Stop”:

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez

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Naimah vs. The World {10 facts}

Naimah Muhammad has gone global! The impressive Singer-Songwriter, is making major moves towards greatness. Well travelled, Naimah is a mosaic of her surroundings; however as inspired as she is by people, places and things — it’s quite evident that she makes her own cool.

Don’t you want to know more about the person behind the music? Of course you do!

We wanted to know 10 of the coolest facts about Naimah – the person.

Here’s what we found!

1. When I was young — since about 1st grade is what I remember — my mom would make me write something every day after school. This was inspired by her motherly intuition “I always knew you would be a great writer.” Well, I kept at this daily routine, through the roller-coasters of the middle-school and teen years of discovery and testing out different interests, until it became less of an assignment and purely a natural urge and release. I’ve been writing daily ever since :) I dare say, “Thanks, mom!”

2. I’m the oldest of three wonderful sisters.

3. My favorite sport is ice hockey and everyone finds that surprising.

4. I recently wrote a peace song, “The Power of Love”, for an International Peace Summit held in Seoul, South Korea. The idea behind the song is that at our core, we really all desire peace and understanding. However, outside forces and outside institutions reshape how we think to view each other, drawing us apart. As I write in the song: “It’s in our nature to feel so close, but all these city walls build cities cold.” You can read the rest of the lyrics here.

5. After every performance, my post-show ritual is to eat pizza. After a week of a strict vocalist diet — dairy products? Yes, please.

6. I’ve done a lot of traveling in life thus far, and I’m so extremely grateful for those experiences. Traveling abroad (and all over the U.S. for that matter), has helped shape me into the person I am today by broadening my view and perspective. Some of the countries I’ve been to include: France, Ghana, Cuba, Sudan, Italy, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Greece, Germany, and recently, South Korea. I’ve learned something from each of these trips, and [developed] a real sense of appreciation for the vast cultures in the world, and the power music has in communicating through language barriers.

7. My favorite snack is “ants on a log” (celery with peanut butter and raisins). Which I only mention because I haven’t seen anyone eat it in years. Am I really alone on this one?

8. I went to an all-girls boarding school for high-school called Dana Hall. It was a great school located right outside of Boston (Interesting Fact # 8 1/2: I’m a total city girl.), and really taught me a lot and provided the perfect environment for developing my voice to speak up and out about my opinions and beliefs, and also how to listen thoughtfully and openly to others. And, of course, the strength of sisterhood.

9. I’ve definitely developed an allergy to cats, but no power in the universe could stop my love for them!

10. One of the most important aspects of my life is the relationship I have with my mother. I couldn’t ask for a better role-model, support-system, rooting team, and best friend.

Naimah recently held performances at Penn State and at a luncheon for Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. She is currently gearing up for performances on her old stomping ground, Los Angeles. You can keep an eye out for her future shows on her website and Facebook page!

Photo Credit: Naimah Muhammad

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rhythm approved: FALLING SHORT

who: Electronic/Acoustic/Soul, musician Låpsley

why: Who will be the next Adele? A question asked by many within the music industry. Deep down, we all know, it’s rather unlikely there will be another. Like the music elite before her, she is unmatched and irreplaceable — simply one of a kind. Albeit… this teenager comes pretty close. It’s rhythm for the most refined senses.

Photo Credit: Keith Ainsworth Photography

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