rhythm approved: WHO I AM


who: Christian Pop/R&B, singer Blanca

why: A lively, feel good song with a message streaming from a pure voice; that exudes a steady confidence and self-love — one that comes from knowing who you are and whose you are. A great listen, at the beginning of a new week!

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WINTER 2015: spring & shorts

Warmer weather, coming right up! Spring is fast approaching; so recently, I found the perfect day to wear my new Kensie two-toned shorts — ones that were waiting patiently to get some action, for almost a month. I’ve always been a fan of shorts, what can I say; I do love my legs. Every woman has that particular part of their body, that they adore. For me; it’s my legs, my hands, my feet and my eyes. Oh, and my lips! We have to love ourselves, ladies; before we look to others to love us.

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