rhythm approved: ONE MORE

who: Electro-Pop/Alternative Hip-Hop, singer Elliphant

why: Cute, catchy and supa-dupa fly. Feels like a warm hug from an old friend — right before a night of teenage mischief and too much red bull. Memories best revisited from a distance via music.

*Please excuse that one bad word, I only noticed late last night. It’s all good thereafter.

 Photo Source: Exyt Music

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weekend ruffle

Big things can be amazing; unforgettable and difficult to top. That’s great for those who need a rush. I’m a girl, who has always been more thrilled by the small things. Little moments of pleasure, that make me smile.

Here are a few of those small things, from last weekend…

Sitting down to peruse two of my three favourite magazines: Woman’s Day and O Magazine. My third is missing. What is it? Cosmopolitan? Nope. It’s not sexy, it’s not trendy, it’s probably not that cool from the perspective of most 20 & 30 something year -old women — yes, it’s Family Circle. I’ve been obsessed for decades.

A new season begins… under a Poinciana tree.

Guava cheesecake ice-cream is a beautiful thing. Perfect for a Sunday treat.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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FALL 2014: 1960’s

Hello, my dears! So you know how every 20 years, the fashion industry does a recycle of trends? Yes! That would mean, 90’s and 60’s fashion is making a comeback — I’m so thrilled, it’s hard to think straight. Seriously. Not that I  haven’t been wearing these styles for sometime. It’s just cool to see designers and publications, paying homage to these fabulous looks.

I’ve always found 60’s fashion to be very feminine — quite posh, but accessible at the same time. This cute dress is definitely an ode to 60’s mod fashion; I love the cool, classic minimalism, made somewhat edgy with the addition of leather.

I think I’m going to have a lot of fun, adding a little of the “swinging sixties” to my wardrobe! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, to see more of my style, inspiration, and all that good stuff.

Have an amazing day!

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rhythm approved: SIDE FX.

who: Electro-R&B/Soul, Musicians Denitia & Sene

why: Boy meets girl, and it hasn’t sound this good in a minute. Every now and then — a new singer, duo or band come along, and you just know they have something. Something timeless. I’ve always been a fan of the male-female music duo. It’s like unisex cologne; there’s something for everyone. When done right, it can become iconic — think CK one or Groove Theory — for the sake of keeping things about the music. So dear readers, it’s time to unwind and allow the rhythm to cater to your every sense.

Photo Source: Vogue

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